Critical analysis of the problems and proposals

Evolution of the wine Market

I remember that in 2010, when I finished my studies of Oenology, the wine industry in Portugal began to bet and to believe that the export of wine could be a good way for the development of their products.

Nowadays, in international markets, a few economic agents are familiar with Portuguese wines and these agents, knowledgeable of Portuguese wines, assume that the later have a good relation quality price.

This qualification by several worldwide agents in the trade of wines from all over the world is notorious; and this presentation to the consumers is no doubt a great differentiating factor compared to other wines.

The general consensus that a Portuguese wine offers a good quality/price ratio strengthens the ability of producers to increase their sales price. The appreciation of the product can therefore focus, among others, on issues already indicated in the communication, such as the history of wine, the terroir of Portugal, the region and the creation of a connecting links between the consumer and the producer.

After three years in international wine markets, from 2010 to 2013, I came back home and noticed that many producers continue to find that only the international market can enhance their product, including the implementation of positioning actions of national wines below its real market value only to ensure its presence in such market. This is a behaviour totally against the one I defend for the image of Portuguese wines. In fact, sales attributed to a market only for the practice of price reduction serve solely to create a depreciation of the product. The international market is a good destination for domestic wines if you know to value this market also from the emigrant consumer's point of view. The domestic consumer is strong, whether residing in Portugal, or in another country
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