Critical analysis of the problems and proposals

Market trend

To Philip Kotler, known as the father of marketing, "trend is a direction or sequence of events that occurs at some point and promises durability" (Kotler, Philip 1998). The market trend is a phenomenon created by the easiness we have in communicating. Mass behaviour usually starts with opinion leaders, said "opinion makers", and has to be taken into account by the producers. In this context, it is essential that commercial agents in the wine sector are attentive to consumer trends of each market because the end consumer is decisive in determining the "quality" of a wine or any other product.

Given that consumer trends are cyclical, we can find the so-called countries creators of trends, the trend centre. In Asia the trend centre's are the Japan and Hong Kong, on the American continent the United States of America and on the European continent the English market even though with less representation that themarkets taken as trend centres worldwide. The creation of the consumption trend in one of these markets starts the cycle.
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