What remains to be done

Diagram of trade in wine

I resume, in a very synthetic summary, on the following flowchart, the commercialisation channel of a wine.

This flow chart illustrates, quite elementary, the simplicity of the wine trade, but in reality there are several players in this trade that are not present here.

The wine trade assumes the transport of the wine across the globe, the so-called globalization factor already mentioned too. This trade is quite complex and is subject to high speculation on the part of importers/distributors. In this context, it is vital for producers on valorisation strategies of their products and chooses properly their importers/distributors in each market, so that its wines are considered not only in shopping time but also at the time of production.

The profit margins of each commercial system are set out in various markets, including free markets and monopoly markets, depending on the various costs of production and the value held by the producer and commercial teams; the wines will have completely different destinations to find consumers who enjoy them.
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