The progress already achieved

Portuguese wines external visibility operations

At this point I would like to begin by pointing out that wines produced in Portugal only represent 1% of the wines produced in the world (Source: OIV, 2015). It is therefore urgent for the production and marketing of Portuguese wines to set a national strategy of promotion. Portuguese wines are sparsely represented at international level and also poorly distributed, which causes many consumers not to know the country, its wines, regions, the ampelographic "treasure" and our Terroir's.

In order for consumers around the world are able to meet Portuguese wines, there must be, in my opinion, a joint effort of all economic actors of the wine around a joint strategy. A normal trade strategy in our country is to allocate the good Portuguese wines to the domestic market which, if on the one hand denotes respect for the national consumer, on the other hand, underrate the exploitation of new markets and new customers, in an underuse of the globalization of the wine trade.

The institution Vini Portugal is a good example of the national effort to gather the different economic agents of Portuguese wine around a same goal: to create a quality image of Portuguese wines on international markets. Vini Portugal has thus aimed to create an appetite for Portuguese wines, making them more competitive, and increase the perception of national wines boosting the market growth in value. Therefore, it should be of general consensus among economic agents of Portuguese wine to join Vini Portugal on the internationalization strategy of their wines and in the adaptation of the image/brand country Vinhos de Portugal or Wines of Portugal. The intervention of Vini Portugal among the various economic agents can go from a simple consultation to the organization at an international fair; however, its role is fundamental in communication of the image of a country represented by a brand recognized by consumers, the Wines of Portugal.

A more concrete example, a North American consumer who is looking for a Portuguese wine will have an easier time in recognizing the Vinhos de Portugal or Wines of Portugal brand as a Portuguese wine, rather if he's/she's looking for a specific wine brand, very limited to sale channels elected by the importer/distributor and positioning of each range of wines. For consumers, the use of a trademark as the Wines of Portugal as a marketing strategy to increase wine sales in markets is a good communication strategy and an image to follow. It will be interesting to communicate Portugal as a country that joins a national brand to enhance the value and quality of its wines internationally.

Still in a professional positioning optic, it is also important the joint presence of the Portuguese producers in international fairs in order that buyers of world wines can easily recognize Wines of Portugal image and look for Portuguese wines to marketing in their markets of origin.
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