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Why going back to school, and choosing the OIV MSc in Wine and Management

With this clearly positive international experience, which contributed not only to increase my knowledge in the area, and to strengthen the image of the "good Portuguese worker," I began to question the need to resume my studies. It is in the return to Portugal, a pause period between the training periods of harvest, and in conversation with Pedro Miguel Frade Batista, that I knew the existence of an international organization of vine and wine, OIV MSc in Wine and Management (OIV).

This training is an academic program of international master whose philosophy is based on the internship experience in different countries (Figure No. 2). The goal is to provide the participants with a high level of commitment and autonomy that comes, among many other factors, of a comprehensive understanding of each wine region, from the field of different stories of wine to the behaviour of each market at national and international level or the marketing strategies implemented to respond to the wine profile and target audience. This is a master's degree in situ that allows a view of the global wine market, its trends and behaviours, with the ultimate goal to train future decision-makers in the wine world at an international level.

After knowing this program, and once again explain to my family that I had the ambition to know the world of wine and the people involved, moved forward to the application. It was with the desire to represent Portugal again, to learn from different realities and raise awareness to a bit of what the Portuguese culture is that I decided to go back to school.

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